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Thread: Almalexia is a psycho

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    Infidel! Heretic! You dare abandon us, TTLG, for the scum on the OFFICIAL boards?! Get out! Trample the non-believers with hooves of righteousness! Consume his body with the holy flames of fury!

    (I've always been for third party forums, really. Official forums just aren't my bag. I don't swing that way, heh.)

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    Location: At the MW forums. NZ
    Yeah, I don't like the offical forums either. I perfer being able to read every post (in the morrowind forums at least) and getting to know the locals.

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    Happy Birthday Ania!

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    Woo! I smell cake! *wheels out a huge cake, grabs a handful, and throws it at Ania*

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    Location: Wild West Wales

    Thanks me dears. I am really touched to be remembered after going awol for so long.

    Someone posted me a birthday thread on CommChat, so I replied to it at length- If you want to know what I've been doing with myself, take a look at that.

    Now, the most important thing in my timetable is to upgrade my computer so that I can play Oblivion on it. Is it really going to come out in September, or are they telling fibs?

    See you all soon,


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    Ania, it's old, but I'm currently having the same problem.

    I've defeated Karrod and spoken again to Helseth (and yes, I've reselected the "Fight his Karrod champ" again to recieve King's oath). So he's sent me now to speak to Almalexia but when I speak to her, nothing in the dialogue opens up. She says "after some consideration, she has a task for me" but nothing's highlighted - only straight text. I've already explored the heck out of the subterranean area under the Plaza - even blowing up the two stone walls with the explosives and going into the weather control room. I'm wondering if it's because I've already blown up the two walls below or something. I'm surprised noone else has had this problem. I talk to the king, his left hand man Karrod, barenziah, and everyone else and nothing. no journal update at all. just says I must speak to the goddess from the king, but when i speak to her to investigate the attacks, she doesn't tell me anything. When I return to helseth, he chides me for returning without information.
    If I'm simply doing something wrong, please tell me someone. Thanks.

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    You have a lot of nerve coming around here trying to put this two and one-half year old thread back on topic, but I am just dumb enough to fall for it.

    I assume that you have dealt with the fabricant attack, Karrod (as you have stated), and perhaps the plot against Queen Barenziah. King Helseth will have nothing to do with you until you complete Almalexia’s quests. Almalexia’s greeting speaks of a task; it is the word ‘task’ that should be hyperlinked to initiate the next quest. It is likely that some action of yours has added journal entries that do not satisfy the filter for that topic. The construction set shows that it is filtered for TR_ShowPower < 10 (the next quest hasn’t been initiated). I’ve checked the journal entries for that quest. I don’t think it is possible to speak with Eno Romari about anything that would trigger a journal entry until a topic is activated through dialog with Almalexia. Did you actually manage to activate the Dwemer device in the chamber you entered? There is a journal entry associated with that.

    If you are playing on a PC, this can be fixed.

    Check the current journal setting for that quest Open the console (~) and type:
    GetJournalIndex, “TR_ShowPower”
    If it is greater than zero, there is your problem (if it is 80-90, don’t recall exactly, then it is due to activating the device). Now type:
    SetJournalIndex, “TR_ShowPower” 0
    Now you should be able to get the quest from Almalexia, and don’t take any short-cuts. I am not certain what will happen as you advance that quest to the point is was before. If things hang up again, type:
    SetJournalIndex, “TR_ShowPower” x, where ‘x’ is the value that the journal index check returned (probably a value between 80 and 90).

    If you are on the X-Box, there is nothing I can do for you.

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    Let's have a round of applause for Cyrano! But mostly, let's have a round of applause for me! I have a computer which, I hope and pray, will run Oblivion when it comes out. And because I have to tell someone, I have...

    [-] Windows XP Home (Ugh)
    [-] 3.4Gh P4 Processor
    [-] 180GB hard drive
    [-] 12GB hard drive (for whatever)
    [-] 2GB RAM
    [-] Radeon x850XT Platinum Edition (most powerful AGP card I could get right now- though the x900 series is supposedly going to beat the pants off of it. Unfortunately, I doubt any of the x900 cards will be AGP.)
    [-] DVD-Rom Drive (x2!)
    [-] CD-RW Drive
    [-] DVD-RW Drive
    [-] Floppy Drive
    [-] 7-in-1 Media Reader

    And as I sit here, in the warm glow of the LCD flatpanel and CRT monitors (dual screen!) and the blue LED lights on my side fan, I am... content.

    Even if my case is a $30 piece of crap!

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    I know that I haven’t done anything to warrant applause, and I’m willing to bet that you haven’t either. But there is no denying your new rig commands at least sixty seconds of silence sporadically interrupted by barely audible gasps in awe, until the forum erupts in a thunderous standing ovation.

    By the way, your case looks…rather angry.

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    I’m willing to bet that you haven’t either.
    I built my pc, didn't I?

    By the way, your case looks…rather angry.
    That's because it knows it was only 30 dollars and I had to superglue the entire front plate on. I had to wait three weeks to get it, and I wasn't about to send it back and wait another three weeks!

    (For those who plan to buy computer components online, don't do Go for instead. All my parts shipped and were at my house within three days!)

    Last edited by RyushiBlade; 4th Aug 2005 at 03:45.

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    Registered: Feb 2004
    Location: At the MW forums. NZ
    I should really replace my computer, it sure as hell won't be able to run oblivion, it can't even run most of the games now.

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    Registered: Feb 2003
    Location: Deepest Darkest Wales

    Back from Greece

    stood in the footsteps of the spartans, ran the stadium at olympus, visited delphi and mycenae, stood inside Alexander the great's dads tomb.

    *throws ollives and cheese pie at everyone*

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    Sounds like fun! Didn't even know you went, but there you have it!

    *Eats all the olives and cheese pie*

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    Location: At the MW forums. NZ
    oh cool, my parents are going to greece for six weeks next week. Leaving me with their cars and house Personally I really want to go to Egypt but I can't afford it.

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    "Alexander the Great's Dad" ? Oh, I'm sure that's how he wanted to be remembered

    I want to visit Rome, though Greece would be an awesome place to visit as well. Unfortunately, since my trip to Mexico, I have caught an irrational fear of flying. Even the slightest bumps makes me curl up into the fetal position. And when it's smooth flying, I'm wishing fervently that I was on the ground.

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    Registered: Feb 2003
    Location: Deepest Darkest Wales

    I don't think

    they'll let me into Greece again, every time I go there's a major air crash somewhere in the world, this time there was the greek air crash, last time I was flying back from Rhodes on september the 12th, that was the most scary flight I've ever had.

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    So I was at reading some interviews, when I found one from Gavin Carter - Our very own Kathode! I doubt Kathode frequents these forums much anymore, but I have to point and laugh at him.

    Then on magic, aside from the announced improvements to spells, 7 skills per category means one less magic school?

    Right, maybe I got the numbers wrong.

    Editors note: Gavin later had this to say: "I was right with the 21 skills. Sorry I messed that up so bad in the Waiting for Oblivion interview Don't know where my head was at for that one."

    Well seven means one less skill in magic, is that right?

    Yeah, sorry I don't think that's right, I might have got the numbers wrong.

    So will there be any more skills than like nine, maybe?

    There might be. Off the top of my head, I think I got the numbers wrong so, but all the magic schools from Morrowind are there.


    Will stealth and combat skills then also be limited to seven or nine skills each?

    Don't try and pin me down there, I'm obviously confused about the numbers myself.

    Because I was wondering if maybe you had combined skills then?

    I don't know, I don't really want to go into details on skill stuff, not right now.
    Very smoothly done, Kathode

    Seriously, you gave me and the rest of the fans a lot of info in that interview, so it's all ok. I've got a terrible memory myself.

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    For anyone who can be bothered, google the word Almalexia

    Have a look and see what comes up

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    Location: At the MW forums. NZ
    Cool, everyone with a post on the first page, edit in almalexia a few more times in their posts so then we can grab top place. (though I don't think the google spiders will go over it for a while.

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    omg we need a secret forum

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    *blink* ... What?

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    Location: Deepest Darkest Wales

    Ha ha ha ha

    Our plan for world domination proceeds at pace

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    Location: Wales in 45 mins!
    Yes, indeed

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    I took over the world last week. Get with the program people!

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    Jordana! Where have you been? I thought I'd seen the last of you

    Also, Striker: I have raised an army that will counter you own and only wait for a suitable time for the attack. I thought it the decent thing to tell you before... Well, you know.

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