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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been playing thief way to much ...

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    Registered: Feb 2003
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    2645: You hear your friend/parent/roommate/fiance walk in the house whil you're playing Thief. In an effort to play surprise on them, you try to hide but you're only hiding in the game - you're running around a room [in the game], dousing torches and shutting off lights. You think you've found a hiding place, and you wait for them to walk through the door that you've doused the surrounding torches around...You wait, and meanwhile, IRL, they're standing behind you wondering what you're doing. When they tap you on your shoulder, you freak out.

    I don't know if anyone can relate to this, but I've done it so many times in so many 1st-person games.

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    2647)You're teaching your little children the sounds of animals, like burricks, bugbeasts, treebeasts, etc...

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    2648) You think you are sleeping, and thus dreaming, when you come off the computer.
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    2649) The work 'click' translates into your head as 'frob'.
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    2650) you realize that by the majority of the media's reckoning you are the worlds greatest thief and proceed to prove it however you quickly realize that the media is wrong when you try to pickpocket a guard and are caught leading to a very frantic chase and your subsequesent imprisonment.
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    2651) You start reacting like the guard AI when you hear a strange noise in real life. True story, actualy.

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    2652) You make a conscious effort to prepare for the lift bug in "The Mage Towers" by dragging every damned crate in the complex to the entrance to the Air Tower....only to find all the lifts work fine.

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    2653) You think it's high time to raise this thread from the dead!

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    2654 when you hear Hey! I'm going to the Bear Pits wann come with?
    You actually think about whether to go or not..

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    Quote Originally Posted by spix's circlet
    2656) You decide to collate a Thief Lexicon and transcribe a Dark Project Novel out of compulsion for your sheer love and enjoyment of Thief.
    A bit of a play off that one:

    2657) You take the story of Dark Project and read it for the "story" assignment in speech, becuase you know no better stories than those of Garrett.

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    Registered: Nov 2004
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    2658) After a whole week long session of playing Dark Project and fighter games, the thought of a Thief VS (insert favorite fighter game here) would be a dream come true.

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    2659) You haven't played one of your Thief games for months, maybe even years. But you still think about it and when you finally start playing again it was as if you had never stopped.

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    2660) It starts affecting your cat. She sits ontop of your monitor and tries to wack the guards on the screen with her paw as they walk past you.
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    2661) You stare at the original TDP box (framed in your room) trying to convince yourself that you have never played it before so that you have an excuse when you tell your friends you just started playing...again.

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    2663) Thief Thief Thief. Thief Thief, Thief Thief; Thief!!!

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    *Nedan looks at a few people on page 32 & wonders why they can't count*

    2670) When you get into an argument with your friend about why you feel "the cradle" in T3 is the best mission of all time.

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    Registered: Mar 2003
    Location: USA California San Diego
    2671) When you sign your checks or any legal documents Gerret The master thief

    2672) When your closet is filled with only exact replicates of Garrett clothing

    2673) When you go to school in those clothing

    2674) When you sneek into your classrooms threw the windows

    2675) When you are put in the Insane Asylum because you tried to reinact Sabotage at Soulforge at the Sears Tower
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    2677) You find yourself casually whistling the same tunes the guards from Thief 1 and 2 do. (I know you all do it..... well, I do at least)

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    I do it.

    2678) You make this thread into a book on a fan mission.

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    2679) You liked Mugla movie and asked him to do a part 2
    Is there another one I thought that was good
    You are never too young to hold a Lightsaber

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    'Twasn't mine. Search the thief-thecircle for more stuff like that (like Lego- thief, though can' t remember if it was there).

    As it is 'Falen 2', begs the question where's numero uno?

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    Registered: Apr 2001
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    2680) You look at page 32 and feel strangely smug that you devoted (wasted?!) roughly 4 more years on Thief than most of the people posting.

    Oh, and I do the whistling too. That, and saying "Huh? Summm-wunn thurrr?" in the Bennyvoice (tm) even when (in fact, only when) I know I'm alone.....

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    Registered: Aug 2003
    Location: Belton Missouri
    2681) While going on a hike in the woods you come across a frog in your trail. You immediately step way the hell back to avoid his blast radius.

    * true story

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